N A T H A N   E A S T
"From the moment i first heard Steve Laury play, I knew he was dangerous ... he is an extremely
gifted musician who makes great music!  We go back decades and Steve will always be my dear friend." 
C H U C K   L O E B
"Steve Laury is one of my favorite voices in guitar." 
G R E G   K A R U K A S
"Steve Laury writes and plays with the best melodic touch on guitar today." 
E R I C   E S S I X
"Steve Laury has set the standard for contemporary jazz guitar in this
decade, and believe me he has set the bar very high." 
J O E Y   D E F R A N C E S C O
"Steve Laury smokes playing octaves." 
P A T   M E T H E N Y
"Steve Laury is a guitar player's guitarist."