Steve Laury, like Wes Montgomery, is a guitar player's guitarist, getting all there is out of his instrument. In a single song, Steve will play octaves, single lines, straight comping, upfront empressario work and finesse it with a guitar question and answer period. 

As a composer, producer, and performer, Laury operates in that rarefied air where composition, execution and spontaneity interact to produce truly satisfying music. He also has a rare ability to keep his diverse musical gifts in their proper perspective. Says Laury, “My whole approach to music is that it should be like a painting. The guitar sound and guitar soloing are always the focal point of that painting. But all the other things that go around it – the arrangement, bass line and everything else – must fit into that picture and embellish the focal point.”

And what a focal point it is! Steve’s guitar artistry and compositions have made him one of the most sought-after guitarists. Laury can do it all well. Whether performing a spirited interpretation of the work of Jackson’s hit, “I’ll Be There” (Vineland Dreams CD), one of his own lush, lyrical masterpieces such as "I Need You So" (Passion CD) or the syncopated rhythms of "Steppin’ In" (Keepin the Faith CD), Laury fulfills all the tastes in contemporary instrumental guitar.

The optimistic nature of his work reflects Steve’s outlook on life after recovering from a form of cancer called T - cell Lymphoma. “I’m in total remission and the illness put a lot of things in perspective in my life. I’m really fortunate to be able to get out there and play the guitar and make people smile.”